Friday, March 12, 2010

Tuff Turf

Hard to believe this little lost gem came out in 1985. OK, its completely 80's. Cheesy at that...but still James Spader looks his absolute beautiful and awesome self. Hair and all. No matter how messy it gets it falls in the right place. On top of that you get to catch a pre-drugged Robert Downey Jr. who only went by Robert Downy back then.

Add Kim Richards in one of her most adult roles (even if she was suppose to be a teenager. She's the Aunt of Paris Hilton & a wonderful Disney star of the real Witch Mountain) to the mix and you've got an ultimate 80's film.

Here you have out of place Morgan Hiller who is fresh from Connecticut with his family who's dad now has to drive a taxi. He's new at the ruff side L.A. high school.

And Robert Downey's character befriends him just as the local gang is pretty upset with Morgan for being a hero on the street. Perhaps he was just trying to impress Frankie, the gang leader's girl.

The gang do their best to make Morgan's life hell at school. But nothing stops him when he finds the one he loves. Frankie who is practically owned by the gang leader. And naturally havoc comes about when Morgan just can't keep away from Frankie. With a little help from 80's tunes and Robert Downey Jr.- Jimmy, its a movie you can't help watch til the end.

I came about this little film on DVD from a library booksale. What a treasure. And its great to see Spader do wonders with a ballet kick. Really, the movie made my weekend.

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