Tuesday, March 2, 2010

TakeAction Vol.9

This cd for charity starts off with a cover from We the Kings "the middle".

Its a 2 cd mix that helps out various charity. Sub City has been doing this since 1999. Music varies from accoustic to not so accoustic. Like Never be what you want from  We are in the Crowd.

On cd 2 you'll find The Secret Handshake's TGIF

Then there's those lets get down to the gritte with Bring me the Horizon. Sleep with one eye open. Something for everyone!

And you can't forget eatmewhieimhot's xxburritoxx.

The 2nd cd finishes off with something more low-key and sweet. The downtown fiction's I wanna run.

One of my favorites..sorry possibly not the best sound..

Really this cd has a lot to offer at a very cheap price. And the money goes to a good cause.

Sounds like a tour of these bands is even in the works. Who knew what good hearts  these fellows have. Check out TakeAction Vol.9.

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