Sunday, March 21, 2010

She's out of my League - review

Oh, my.....

I had no idea this film would be this good. Granted, Apataw nor Seth Rogen had a thing to do with this movie. And there is no Jonah Hill, either. Now how could it be funny, then?

Oh, take this guy (Jay Baruchel)who's a geeky James Franco with a bit of Barney Fife's mannerisms (barely) who has the worst family in the world, but has some really sweet buddies from the airport, who comes to the aid of the hotest girl he's ever seen and doubts he'll ever see again..yet he does... and you've got yourself a sleeper.

The gents (Sean Anders and John Morris) who wrote this stuff to humor us will get another shot at making us laugh with HOT TUB TIME MACHINE, hitting theaters next month. Its a sweet comedy about people we know in our life, ordinaries, trying to figure out where we stand in the universe of love, perhaps.

Of course, there has to be the gross factor. But its not too awful. But there are a few surprises. T.J. Miller was so much fun. I've loved him since Carpoolers. He was one of my favorites in Cloverfield who held the camera. Also from Cloverfield is Mike Vogel who I wished we would have seen more of, but he does his part well.

UK's Alice Eve graces us as the party-planning hottie with a brain. No one can quite believe she wants Kirk, and perhaps she's playing it safe. But it seems the two do have chemistry. Of course, I've loved Jay since Undeclared. Its about time he gets to play the leading man. Nate Torrence also made this film so likable too as Kirk's married friend.

It is a fun film that makes a fun date night or just an outing with friends.

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