Sunday, March 14, 2010

Remember Me

OK, remember how Robert Pattinson can throw a hissy fit.

Unfortunately, he's no James Spader.

Yes, its nice to see him and his grungy beard with a bit of tan and James Dean like hair. But really, the character's apartment had more character than he did. I have to say this is what I liked the most about the film..was the feel of really being there. Even if it was a little on the gross side.

Naturally, there are a few things they aren't really up front about. Like, when the present exactly takes place. Nor how long loved ones have passed on, either.

But we do get a love story. The girl he meets has as much of a tragic story as Tyler (Pattinson) who is a bit of a misfit, poor little rich boy. He just can't stay out of trouble. But he's the best big brother in the world to his little sister, and this might be where it gets sweet. Big brothers and little sisters. Yeah, we had those in 500 Days of Summer. His roommate (Tate Ellington) in the movie is a bit of arse. And Emilie de Ravin pulls her weight in each scene as Ally. It does take a bit for their relationship to grow, and if you have the patience for it..well...its interesting.

There were a few tangent moments of Pattison that I felt guilty about not liking when the end comes. But still, he can be kind of an over actor..which might be better than an under actor. Hard to say. I was just hoping for something a little more strange or odd. I guess.


1. he was schizophrenic.

2. his boyfriend committed suicide.

3. he was suicidal..

No, don't worry none of these things happen in the movie.

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