Friday, March 5, 2010

of course, I loved it


and a very long finally it was. A SINGLE MAN finally came to our theater. Tom Ford's debut as a director. And he did make everyone look their best. Well, for the most part. Really, some unique memories explored by an English Professor during the 60's, right before the Cuban crisis. Its an intense story about how he lost his lover and how the present just isn't the same without him. And in a very deep dialogue in class he almost exposes his other life. As he puts it, "We are the invisible."

One student Kenny wants to know more from him. Nicholas Hoult is definitely no Tony from SKINS in the movie. He just goes to show what a wonderful actor he is in the film. Oddly, he didn't sound like the Hoult I'm used to, but then again I think of him as Tony, for the most part. He recent had a New York  interview. Hoult talks about his role as Kenny. In the movie he wears an interesting sweater. Not sure what that personification is, exactly. Lets just say, he's one of a kind.

Julianne Moore rounds out the cast as the neighbor who's known George for a very long time. She can be lovely and yet so rotten being a drunk for the most part. And of course, Matthew Goode as George's past.

I did feel a bit funny going to a movie sitting in front of a group of old women. It was interesting their take on the movie. Many didn't like it. Some didn't like certain parts. So its not a movie for everyone. But it does make you think about life and the moments we should savor. Honestly, the movie goes full circle. The opening scene is so sad..just as the last scene. Hope I don't give too much away.

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