Friday, March 19, 2010

not just another Aaron

Oh, he's a good one, all right. A voice like butter. Who was almost Finn on GLEE. But you might never know these things about Aaron Tveit if you watch him on Gossip Girl. I really hated his character. What little there was of Trip. I didn't even care about the story. It was like the stylist on this show can make men so unsexy. I'm beginning to think. Are they afraid they'll upstage the females in the cast or what? Anyway, I think Trip is long gone now. Not sure where he went on Gossip Girl. Couldn't care less, either.

And then.....

He shows up on UGLY BETTY as Zach. Totally, hot in such a nerdy way. Perfect for Betty. A Playwright at that. Oh, I think he could bring a wonderful ending to Betty. I hope anyway. I could definitely watch him more on the show and well, I hate to see that show go now. All because of the fine casting of someone I never really saw as a charactert until now.

Aaron has a beautiful voice too. Honestly, an all around amazing actor. Just afraid Gossip Girl did not use him as they should have. He could have ROARED..but instead, we got nothing.

Here he is in NEXT TO NORMAL on Broadway.

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