Monday, March 8, 2010

My favs at the Oscars

Really, I'm not that fashion conscious. I go for practical for the most part. When you are on your feet all day, well, you start looking at shoes that can with stand the walk, and you want to wear something that will get you through the day. And lately, I've been having to wear my black rimmed glasses due to my contacts giving me the pink yeah, I'm really looking like a librarian now.

But the Oscars were on last night so I had to at least post my favorites.

Amanda Seyfried without a doubt will be the next or already is...the romantic sweetheart of the movies. Hopefully, we'll see her get an Oscar some day. She has a beautiful voice, as well. She is someone who can play the good, but also  the vixen. I thought her dress was simple yet elegant. I loved the bobbles too.

Another strapless number that I adored was An Education's Carey Mulligan. Usually, a brunette really captured a very elegant actress who I hope and I'm sure we'll see more of. Word has it- she's the new Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. There is something slightly Audrey Hepburn about her. Her dress for the evening looked like it would be a great pick for prom, as well. I liked the bottom flow. Of course, I highly doubt anyone would be seen in our neck of the woods in this number, but you can dream.

And so pretty in pink was Anna Kendrick. It was great to see a softer side of her in this dress. In the movies I've seen her in, she comes off a bit harsh yet very confident. But this dress really made her the sweetheart of the ball. I loved the details. Especially, the buttons in the back. Her hair was really pretty too. Now, that would definitely be the dress to find for Prom. There is just something about it that makes you think that she must feel pretty in this dress, and that's what a dress is suppose to do.

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