Sunday, March 7, 2010


The critics might not all agree on the music and what not of this show, but it'll probably make big...anyway.

I had the opportunity to go to an IMAX theater to see it. 3-D glasses and all...and it was spectacular. The special effects are brilliant, and the acting isn't to shabby, either. Although, my friend thought Johnny was going to break out in 'jack sparrow' a moment or two. Really, though he was just MAD as the mad hatter.

And Alice, played by Mia Wasikowska, is perfect for the part. She comes off more Claire Danes than Kirsten Dunst, which I'm thankful far. Born in Australia and has already graced movies such as Amelia. She can be seen in The kids are all right with Mark Ruffalo and Julieanne Moore.

Naturally, Helena Bonham Carter is the true Red Queen with her side kick, ominious Crispin Glover. What a couple! Anne Hathaway can be seen fluttering around as the White Queen. Burton does know best when it comes to blending in the goth of it, but with plenty of natural mysterious scenery, capturing your attention.

I think this production made me see the time of how the writer lived, as well. How things were done in those days. While some might see it as a touch of Anti-Catholic, what remains is a time where women had to become what they were suppose to be with no say in the matter through the eyes of men.

And even if the author of the original did find a muse in an eleven year old burnette bobbed girl, the film certain goes to show that girl power can shine through in the most mysterious places. Perhaps we've all visted a place similar to Wonderland when we were small. Really, the film is rich with a history of dreams and the original Alice and Wonderland.

Now you won't get a hint of that playlist until the credit roll. So really Avril didn't ruin anything for the movie.

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