Saturday, February 6, 2010

lets get LOST

OK..after listening to various co-workers on the subject of is my so-called review. I watched too.

Well..I was elated and disappointed in the same moment.

I was so in hopes Juliet would pull through..actually, end up on the other side of the earth I was thinking..but you know, that's just me. You know, on a beach somewhere sipping something intoxicating.

I get the flash something another.."what if" the plane had landed without the crash..but Desmond on the fligh..hum..and where's Boone's sister.and of anyone who's grown from this show its Ian Summer-something another who's now Damien on Vampire Diaries. I kept thinking..OH NO there's a vampire on the flight..hahaaa...silly me.

I don't like those temple people..but what a line that guy said about not liking the taste of english on his tongue..PRICELESS...& of course, Syed if they could just get Juliet in that dirty spring water..she might have a chance too.

I also heard that Michael will be back, but not his son. That actor is like 17 or 18 now and it would just be impossible to cast a new kid for that role.

Anyway, I'm ready for the next episode.

One co-worker feels at the end..Sawyer & Jack will be come the "Men" of the island. I have no idea what that means. As usual..I get lost in LOST.

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