Tuesday, February 16, 2010


OK, Johnny Weir might be a weirdo to some. Possibly, a few don't want him a part of the men's figure skating team here in the states. But, hey, he's my favorite. I don't know what it is. Maybe it the outfits he designs for himself or even others. Or that passion that just goes POW on ice. Anyway, here's me rooting for him while others might want that all American type, whats his face...to bring home the gold. I'm for the underdog. Naturally.

I'd rather be watching Johnny, even in feathers or fur.

There is just something slightly Lou Taylor Pucci about him. Maybe that's it. And Lou was just a kid who got on Broadway from New Jersey, to spend his pre-teen years being in the Sound of Music. Now, he's a scene stealer when ever possible from Fast Food Nation to indie fame, The Go-Getter. But really, he's just a guy who wants to grow a beard, I suppose. And he can grow one. Even if it might not match his hair color... And..yes, there's more, perhaps write something some day that we'll see either in film or play.

Is there a connection? Probably not.

Johnny might be a bigger part than he knows at the games to break the barriers out there. Just being himself.

And well, I'm sure Lou wants to be himself too.

But, man, they really look like they could be brothers.

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