Tuesday, February 2, 2010


OK so you got to see Joseph Gordon Levitts strut his stuff in 500 Days of Summer. Well, maybe you haven't seen nothing yet until you see him in Hesher.

You see, there is this little thing call Indie and well, Levitts always feels a need to give it a try and its paid off with fine performances in Secret Skin, Brick and even The Lookout. To name a few. So I'm sure when he saw this sort of character, he was ready to eat it up. And he did.

Its a story of a boy (Brendan Hill) who loses his mother, and with his father in deep grief (Rainn Wilson).....
He meets up with Joseph Gordon Levitts' Hesher. A misfit of sorts, perhaps Jesus with a doobie or two as my friend put it, or some might say he's the devil. And he comes to change things for the whole family. Throw in Natalie Portman as a grocery store clerk, and you might not have love exactly, but at least intense moments.

As reviews go. Its said to fizzle with the rest of the cast, but Levitts puts the sizzle in this flick. So if you haven't had enough of JGL as of late, here it comes in theaters soon. Hesher.

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