Friday, February 12, 2010

Do you wanna get your Greek on?

Or just Mythology?

OK. It worked. Rick Riordan, who's been a mystery writer for years, possibly hit gold when he started the juvenile series of Percy Jackson. After all, he's a middle school teacher who knows a bit about juvenile stuff. And throw in some mythology that you'd love to know and now Percy Jackson and  the Olympians: The Lightning Thief has arrived. Well, add your main ingredient, up and coming child actor to teen sensation without having to be in a Miley Cyrus movie -Logan Lerman(rumor is he could be the next Spiderman) with kick ass princess Alexandra Daddario and well, you got a duo on the hunt for a real mystery. Who stole Zeus' lightening bolt?

All this time Percy (Lerman) thinks he's got loser quality. He's got ADD & dyslexia. Come to find out, his Dad's a god who he never met. Posideon played by Kevin McKidd. But it's Steve Coogan's Haides that steals the moments as well as Uma Thurman as the ultimate Medusa. Its a fun ride and Brandon T. Jackson rounds out the trio as the quest begins to save Percy's Mom - none other that the Mom of all moms lately, Katherine Keener from evil Haides. Aside from all the Daddy issues going around at camp where Percy meets Annabeth.

What I liked about the, there's some clever dialogue, for sure. Lots of action and really some cool effects. Its a very likable film. And hopefully, more will be looking for Logan Lerman to take them through many popcorn movies. He's not just an adorable teen. He's really quite good with emotion. It took me a bit to warm up to Annabeth (Daddario) but I think she'll possibly be in so many transitions when it comes to movies. I'm sure she won't be in many more PG movies. She's got that look that she could be one to reckon with. Perhaps no Harry Potter's  Hermione Granger yet a bit more Ginny Weasley caliber, me thinks. Add a little Zena and well, you got someone who has definitely met anyone's match.

Also, great to see Pierce Bronson strutting around with a horse's he put it. Yes, his character had some of the better lines. People clapped at the end. It was a packed house.

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