Friday, January 8, 2010

the story just gets better

As many of you know, Aaron Johnson must be a romantic. Engaged to his director from No Where Boy, the 42 year old Taylor-Wood. Of course, one begins to wonder if it were a publicity stunt. Well, now we know, Taylor-Wood is expecting his child. So in spite of possibly letting down legions  of us who love that Sex God smile of his, he's probably doing the right thing. Possibly. Still, its such a shocker. Although, Ralph Feinnes married someone much older. And at a young age Patrick Dempsey married his best friend's mother. Anyway, it is rare to find someone so young, so committed. So something should be said for that. Still, its the longevity of the matter. And with that, it does take two to commit to such  an equation even if it perhaps might grow bigger in the long run. Naturally, one wonders why they'd get involved with someone so much older. I remember reading articles about Ashton Kutcher and his faith and being such a good brother to his brother who has a disability and then there was Demi. True, we are all a mixed bag. I can definitely relate so, with my significant other. He did not have the best childhood with being the oldest to a single Mom for the most part. On many occasion, he had to play Dad to his younger siblings. & yeah, he's got commitment issues. With all the high tech, global world about us, its still hard to make relationships work. In the end, its a team effort of give and take. These are things, we certainly all have to work on, no matter how romantic you are. The reality is to be there for the other person. And its an everyday adventure.  So all the best to this new adventure to the two of them. Even if it is a little hard to swallow.

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