Friday, January 15, 2010

Newt and Lauren

Newt is said to use more mascara than the average crossdresser as the kind hearted emo from Hollyoaks. Even so, fans love him and not quite psycho, Lauren. True, she spends most of her time either writing poetry about him and getting him out fixes with his schizo frenzies. I had already started a slash fan fic about him long ago which was possibly off the beaten path, but still I like seeing him with Billy. Honestly, I've never quite liked Lauren that much and split them up right away..well, its slash fan fic. Sorry. But my friend does so she started a new fan fic with them and a few others from Hollyoaks high. I thought I'd mention it. Naturally, there is trouble in paradise. You have to have conflict if you want a story.
Newt & Lauren fanfiction.

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