Saturday, January 2, 2010

most definitely the one to watch

Aaron Johnson finally graced the states on Nickelodeon just a week after his John Lennon film opened in the UK. Nowhere boy. This just might be his year, or from the sound of it perhaps the last couple of years. He's definitely made some right moves when it comes to film choices. I so want to see his film Dummy from 2008. He's starting a film with Skin's Hannah Murray Chatroom. Then there are the undie ads. This bloke knows how to flaunt it in all the right ways just so you'll be coming back for more. But you should most definitely take him serious in his roles. He showed he could definitely make it real in Dummy about a moody teenage boy filled with grief over his mother's death. Hopefully, we'll definitely see more of him this coming year...and many more.

He's adorable in the Georgia adventures that many of us have grown up with. The film was actually better than I expected. He's Robby that Georgiana has set her eyes on to get for her boyfriend, just an accessory for her upcoming birthday party no less. But naturally, there is more to the story, growing up, boys, mates and family. The director from Bend it like Beckham really knows how to hone in on the good parts of growing up. And the soundtrack is delightful too. You can catch the film on NICK Jan. 15. Its available on DVD, Jan. 19.

Georgia Groome plays Georgia in the film. She's so bubbly and yet full of angst too. These two really were a good mix in the film. I'm sure Louise Rennison is very happy with the outcome of Gurinder Chadha's writing and directing of this film. I definitely enjoyed the setting of the film as well as the cast. The music if fun too. Its a film, definitely, with the potential of wanting to watch again and again.

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