Sunday, January 17, 2010

Leap Year

I know what you're't...did you? Yes, I did. And for all those who told me it would be just like New in Town. Well, it wasn't. Not that it was The Proposal, either. Yet, nicely thought out with or without the luck of the Irish.

And Matthew Goode is no Hugh Grant. Thank god, he would have definitely botched this movie. Yet, we think of Matthew, clean shaved, possibly a man's man in a couple of his past movies, not all scruffy, yet very cleverly smirky.

At first Amy Adams got on my nerves. Just a tad uptight. And those shoes. Who wears those while traveling? I definitely wouldn't. But the film grows on you as the adventure unfolds on her way to propose to her cardiologist boyfriend... as she gets lost in a pub on the way to Dublin and fries the village power with her Blackberry. And as any good love story, one needs to be filled with surprises, anticipations and quirky moments. The film has these, and old Irishman trying to figure out what days are and are not lucky. Its also a great escape for getting away for awhile. The cinematography was amazing of Ireland. Really, makes you want to find a castle. And meet a guy name Declan.

And just one question it gives you to think on. If your house was on fire, what would you take those last 60 seconds?

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