Thursday, January 14, 2010

Landon Liboiron

Landon Liboiron is the new hottie on Degrassi, rich kid - Declan who always gets what he wants. While Landon knew what he wanted when he hit the stage in Missoula Montana at a children's theater. He wanted to be an actor, and a devoted one at that.

Landon grew up in rural Jenner, Alberta. Thankful to the support of his family. His Mom would drive him 14 hours to Vancouver to study acting. Now that's true devotion to the passion of acting. And we are ever so happy that he did. He's rather talented as the persuasive Declan. Lord knows just how bad this character could be. Its still not clear if he's good or what. His character has already had a secret fling with Jane which Spinner hasn't got an inkling about. Come February he'll be paired up with Holly J, resident big shot cheerleader that no one can stand (but she knows about him and Jane and she's actually in love with Spinner). Except Blue and well, that romance didn't last long. Word is that there is something going on between siblings Declan and Fiona, but that's just a rumor. Who knows what that could be about.

Landon was in the Canadian drama Wild Roses before he got on Degrassi : The Next Generation. He has two upcoming movies Zombie Punch and Altitude coming out soon.

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