Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kamikaze girls!

Its a classic. If you want a little gem for your DVD collection, don't leave this one out. Made in 2004, its still fresh with pop culture of Japan and of course, the fresh Lolita look.

Here you have Momoko(Ky├┤ko Fukada) who isn't like others in their trek suit world between the rice fields. Where women are tough and cry where no one will see them. She is rezealant to be a part of the historical French culture she adores, where they embroidery when they aren't in bed with their lovers. So much charm and adorable innocent laughs. True, it's in Japanese, but great subtitles.

She meets biker girl Ichigo (Anna Tsuchiya). Her complete opposite who works on a bikes and is in a gang. They are highly unlikely pair since Momoko is definitely a solo act who dreams of flying and eats sweets for lunch. While Ichigo is sour and rugged.

On one level if you really want to go there, it could be a platonic lesbian relationship..but isn't that friendship, anyway. Its a movie you can watch with your little sister or brother. Well, I did find this copy in our Young Adult area at the library. There is some violence.

The movie is based on historical Japanese fact about Himiko the first empress in Japan during their Wei dynasty, dying in 248 AD. Being a woman ruler and priestess (as reported by the Chinese), she is something of a feminist icon in Japan. Yet she remains rather mythical.

Need a girl power fix. Gotta see it.

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