Monday, January 18, 2010

Have you seen this guy

Its not that he's missing or anything. Its just I dunno who he is. A friend had sent me his picture and asked me if I had any idea who this blondie was. Of course, I thought of Kelly Osbourne's bloke first, but he's far prettier than that fellow and I know many think of Kelly's significant other already as a sex god. Neither, of us have a real clue just who he is. Nor where we can find more pictures of him with his beautiful eyes and luscious lips. Naturally, I'm thinking..gotta be British. Gotta be a model. But who knows, when the photo was exactly taken. He might not look anything like this, anymore.
Of course, he'd inspire me. Just one photo of him looking like some sort of modern day character from a Dicken's novel or an Anime live action hero..I had to write about him in some of my semi-fan fic..which truth be told ..its more my characters than the show..Hollyoaks would just be the backdrop..Blondie aka Rupert meets Aaron Johnson aka Soren.

I'm tempted to start just a blog about them, but I dunno. Probably shouldn't. Besides, its nice to have their stories intertwined as part of the other 2 blogs I work on. Probably more than I should. I find myself falling back on premises that perhaps have more of an ancient history that one might wonder if myth or reality or just a sense of how pagan ways still have a hold on royality. All right, I'm more puzzling than ever..huh?

As in Rupert's story, he works in a rather gay fashionable scene at a club as the guy who keeps everything going in the pageantry of a 'queens' gala, but always stands firm on the belief he's not "gay"...then comes along Soren who accidentally gets mixed up with cousin Sebastian at a party..only, he didn't know he was kissing his cousin until he meets him in the loo. ..Soren is quite a player, but out of cash and has to rely on his relatives. Naturally, they(Soren&Rupert) meet each other on a very cold night on New Year's eve. Soren definitely doesn't find Rupert manly enough..but still..something clicks. Yet the story revolves around a sister trying to find Rupert, his closed lipped dad, and the idea he has no idea who his real family is. Conflicts..conflicts..conflicts.

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