Saturday, December 5, 2009

Will it get me into next year?

I've probably been listening far too much to tunes, lately. But don't we always? And this time of year, people are putting new stuff out. And you don't hear it on the radio. Well, you know how it goes to get your tune fix.

In spite of Adam Lambert's fiasco with the AMA & Good Morning America well...all he wanted to do was entertain you. And the boy does know how to hit a high note. Is he the new Freddie Mercury? Not hardly. I doubt Mercury would have ever gone for some of those lyrics. Perhaps he was just old school when it came to rock and Lambert is new school. But there are some electronic beats that can really get you moving if you keep listening. And some might find it addictive. It is by all means..not a bad CD. It just might not be what you are looking for.

Now I have to wonder about the marketing team over there for American Idol. I think they did splendid with Allison Iraheta's CD Just like you. The first song you jump into is very catchy and she carries the song. Iraheta shows you, her variety of things. And she delievers. Now on the other hand, possibly tooo many songs about texting. Relationships and Texting.  I don't find anything much classic about it. Scars has to be one of my favorite tracks on the CD. She has such an earthy voice.

Speaking of earth..who does it better than Owl City? With Ocean Eyes. This CD will make most of us smile. Not trying to be pretentious. Fireflies caught my attention first. But seriously, the whole CD is wonderful. I loved every song on this CD. Perhaps it got me in the comfort zone. Something slightly NeverShoutNever yet PlayRadioPlay!, but more Postal Service and Ben Folds, too..but so upbeat. It won't leave you depressed. I loved the quirky and sincerity of the lyrics. A song somewhere on this playlist has to show up on the soundtrack of something soon. Just has too, or somebody will wish they had put a track or two on their show. But would something like Gossip Girl deserve it? Don't think so.

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