Saturday, December 19, 2009

explicit ills

If there has been one movie over looked..yet so important this past has to be Mark Webber's Explicit Ills. He wrote it and directed it.

It takes place on the streets of Philadelphia. Urban stories of the people who live there. Some very poignant performances from amazing young actors, too.

Such as seven year old Babo played by Francisco Burgos. His performace really moved me as the young son of Rosario Dawson who is bullied, but it doesn't stop him from befriending the bully, as well as depressed actor Rocco played by Paul Dano. They become chess buddies, but when Babo has an asmatic attack it changes everything. Just as in other stories about other people who don't know each other in the neighborhood.
Such as drug dealer Lou Taylor Pucci comes to find love with one of his clients. Both are artistic in their own right, but this movie has it play with drugs in many a scene in all sorts of storylines, yet there comes a time to make decisions. And honestly, Lou did a great job in this role.

This film does show a gritty side of life. It felt very real with so many performances that blended with known and unknown actors which made it a much more deeper film to understand and see how each is linked to each other.

I absolutely loved Martin Cepeda as Demetri in the film who has a bit of a slum like drunk of a Dad, but even so, he finds a girl that he wants so much to be a part of her life and when she tells him that she only likes smart guys. He decides to do something about it.

The big message in this film is the end of the movie about the march where all sorts of people hit the streets. This is where you understand what this is really about. Our human rights. We all deserve health care we can afford. Webber did the film in a way to show the many vibrant colors of where we all come from and where we are going in our daily lives. I'm glad I watched this film.

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