Sunday, December 6, 2009

Big Time Rush

OK, so Nickelodeon and Sony music have this partnership. And this is the show that came about. Take 4 teenage guys (supposedly) in the heartland of Minnesota and have them be discovered by the worst (actor) ever.

Not sure how this will fly in 2010. But you've got some cute guys. Granted one could very much be Adam Lambert's little brother if he tried (James Maslow). While Kendall Schmidt is the talented one and for most part, the better actor of the 4. You just know this show could be so much better if they had some real writing involved. But hey, they beat that Jonas brothers show by a long shot on Disney.

In the tradition of the Monkies which was rather campy, you have these not so fab 4 roosting in L.A. in a hotel full of stars of the future. Thus, they encounter all sorts of wackiness. Not to be confused with that movie because drugs would be involved then and well, that would so not be Nickelodeon, now would it? If only it had more Degrassi and less Disney this might be worth the watch, even addictive.

Its cute. But will it sell records? The group actually came out with Big Time Rush the song... the same as the boy band's name. Its catchy and has a beat. This might be what the group should really work on. Their music. If this is what it takes for Kendal Schmidtz and Logan Henderson to get noticed (the latter really is the one to watch for. He should be in movies). Then by all means do so!

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