Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon - review

What would you be doing about now if you had a guy like this in your room?

Well, you know Bella, and many of you do. Who were hungry for yet another part of the saga. A movie just to show you how much she loves Edward. And you got it.

But, on all accounts I must favorite parts were Jacob's aka Taylor Lautner. And yes, he has so many good things to look at on the screen. But really, he's fresh, and just the guy you'd hope to meet anywhere in America. And he's very well capable of acting so naturally. Throw in some very high tech special effects, and hey, you can fall in love with a werewolf. To bad, Bella didn't.

Honestly, I find the whole storyline just a tad ridiculous (and I know that's the book) of running all the way to Rome to save Edward. I would have liked to have really known what that Edward was doing meanwhile..while Bella was all depressed.. Just being his sad self, I suppose. And Of course, getting to say "don't" quite a lot to Bella in all her recklessness. So pasty too, and a little hard to watch. What's up with that lippy of his? There is was..and then not, and back again. Some how even Jasper comes off looking beautiful no matter what.

The soundtrack looks promising. I just might have to get it. I liked several of the tunes. Well, some of them.

The down side of this film is what a waste of wonderful actors. Well, they got paid and hopefully, it'll keep them going for that really amazing movie out there somewhere for them. Poor Jamie Campbell Bowar, just about three lines, perhaps near the end. And well, I can think how they could have made him up. He was just a bleached zombie. Really, he is gorgeous if given half a chance. And I don't think Kristen Stewart has had an acting lesson yet. I guess you don't have to if you have to look miserable all the time.

At least Michael Welch had his moment, even if it was a scene where he got sick. Really, the Jacob moments were my favorite. Lautner is quite a natural. And well, I like that animal instinct of his.

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