Friday, October 2, 2009


a magical moment doomed by the virus.

What's a guy to do when there is no World of Warcraft to play? Jesse Eisenberg's character "Columbus" is the typical college student. Maybe? We see the end of the world as we know it through his eyes. As it is he meets up with Woody Harrleson "Tallahasee". The characters go by the names of the towns of where they are from. We also get to learn the rules of engagement when it comes to zombies. I thought Eisneberg was perfect for this part. Harrleson rounded out the duo so devilishly.

You might be a bit squeamish at first as the movie hurls at you with zombies. But you'll get use to it. This is a funny horror film. Some feme fatal performances from Emma Stone and Abagail Breslin. Even Amber Heard makes a lovely zombie.

I think the zombie lover will get their fill with this movie. Don't worry, its not an Americanized version of Shaun of the Dead. But its got its fun and of course, gore.

Time to reflect after a gun salute moment for the accidents that do happen.

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