Friday, October 2, 2009


And to think he had to start training as soon as Twlight was over. Really, Lautner has possibly gone above the call of duty for this movie series. I think it'll be worth it.
Thankfully, he can stay tanned unlike the other bunch of actor vamps in the movie. So young and already making the top 100 beautiful people of 2009. And to think it might have all started in Rodriguez' Sharkboy and Lava Girl. And now he practices at the gym everyday, eating lean meat and veggies, or the Michael Phelps diet at times.
Clearly, he is focused on the best he can be for Twilight.
Really, it is kind of nice that he is a little shy. I think it makes him more interesting.
He just might be the best thing about the Twilight movie serious. I have a feeling we will see him grow more than we know as an actor.
Honestly, I'm not sure about Pattinson. Hopefully, the series won't leave him typed cast. I'm sure it doesn't matter with as much money as he'll have after all is said and done.
I'm actually glad Tom Felton didn't fall in to this series, after all. Of course, he's one actor who needs to be making movies more than ever. Still the question is, will this series make or break some of the upcoming starlets. Honestly, there should be a documentary about the making of the movies. I would find it far more interesting than the movies.

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