Friday, October 16, 2009

Max Records

Can you expect no less from a boy with a name like that?
Max was a genuine "Max" for WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. He certainly carried the movie through the thick of it, shedding every emotion available.
He might remind you of a young Lou Taylor Pucci. Honestly, you won't want to forget his face. Hopefully, if he finds the right projects he'll be on his way to be a star.
There is a certain realism many of us can relate to with this movie. The dysfunction of everyday life...carried over to the dysfunction of everyday wild creatures. Still with in our being of the feral essences..... we have all some how felt in our youth, comes to the other end of the spectrum, civility. But somewhere between the two is the creativity we bring life too.
The movie is about how we fight change. Perhaps we want it, but there are the terms of dealing with it. It was most definitely a beautiful movie. The voice work was amazing from Paul Dano, James Gandolfini, Catherine O'Hare, and Forest Tucker. Oh, and don't forget Chris Cooper.
I found the movie so unique. Just like the book. Just like it should be. And I'm hoping great things for Max Records.

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