Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jordan Gavaris

Nathan is back on New Degrassi on TEENick. Remember from last season in "bad medicine"? When Riley hooked up with the soccer dude he'd gone to camp with from before. Mostly they had a bit of an online thing going. And Riley, the football jock, was rather iffy on his sex preferences. He had tried to kiss Peter and in spite of that, Peter has still remained his friend and is the only one who knows how he truly is.
As the case may or may not be, they do have a thing for the woods in last season. At least, we hear more from Nathan questioning the new girl Riley's seeing.
I so hope Degrassi writers will keep this story going. I really like Jordan for the part. There is a certain sincerity about him. Perhaps sadness...especially, when Riley shuns him. I think this is a much more intense storyline than Marco's. Also its great that he's not pretty pretty..yet he's got sweet lips and cool hair.
I just hope Riley's character won't lash out at Nathan. However, Riley seems rather high strung, and has acted pretty mean to Peter. Seriously, though, these are issues that should be confronted. Many teens, no matter what sort of sexual orientation, do deal with the nature of abuse. Even guys need to be made aware of the fact they can get help in abusive situations.
Jordan Gavaris is a native of Brampton, Onterio. You can catch him hopefully on DVD in 45 R.P.M., a rather indie film yet very intense and getting rave reviews of a coming of age story.

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