Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chris Massoglia

I'm sure he is the Darren the author had in mind for Circ Du Freak. He's got that all American boy good looks. He's sweet. He's nice just a tad mischievous. All things he needs to be as the Vampire's assistant. Really, he makes Darren quite adorable. And he had to handle spiders too.

Circ Du Freak did deliver on the freakish nature of so many things in the world. It pops with such a fine cast.

Of course, this was a movie that dealt with the real world and a secret world. If you've read the books you'll know the first installment is possibly the weakest of the series. There are plans to make a total of 4 movies from the 12 books in the series. Hopefully, Chris will be there for the whole ordeal of it.

Hard to say if this flick will have the magnitude of followers like Harry Potter. Doubtful. But really the story did play out nicely. Perhaps it has to do that the story centers around 2 boys who were best friends and now they have to fight each other because they are now on different sides.

John C. Reilly was excellent as Larten Crepsley. He was to the point showing Darren the way to being not just a vamp, but his assistant too. The movie has some interesting takes and twist. Especially, about being a vampire. I think its for a wide ranged audience. You don't always find a movie like that.

Chris will be in a new thriller, The Hole. I have a feeling he'll be the one to watch very soon.

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