Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the boy who never

OK, this is Landon's true calling. Within him is a voice. Some might find it quite simple. But it is genuine and its really a rather intimate CD. One you can truly cherish in your own private moments. When you get up on a Sunday morning or you are alone on a Saturday night and can't sleep. He's there for you.
This cd, naturally, has his wonderful Falling in love at a coffe shop on it. But there is more. Much more. He so delicately hits those high notes in such a soft way. You truly feel you know that boy writing these songs. There are influenes of the Beatles in his songs a ghost and Blue Skies. But the longer I listen to the cd I've fallen in love with The boy who never and especially Speak to the Keys.
I'm not sure there is anyone I can compare him to. He's one of those artist you feel you can start your own personal relationship with through his breath of songwriting and music. I wouldn't dare say he's indie nor even pop. He's just Landon Pigg. And he wrote a little masterpiece to give to you to enjoy.
Perhaps he has his own beat, a lot like Steven Bishop did with his LP long ago in the late 70's. While Bishop was giving you almost a New York minute or two. Pigg gives you songs rich with the quaint feel of moving on.
Anyway, his songs are just as genuine as that smile of his. I could watch him on film or listen to his music any day.

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