Wednesday, September 9, 2009

whip it with Landon Pigg

Ok, when I found out that Landon Pigg was in Drew Berrymore & Ellen Page's WHIP IT, an indie rocker who goes roller derby, I just did the happy dance in my room for a few minutes between commericals of GLEE tonight. Yeah!
He's like the Ashton Kutcher of pop, you know. I don't know. He's so pretty. And he can sing. And I hope this'll open new doors for him.
Thank you Drew!
Honestly, I feel if he's in her movie it'll do so much more for him than lets say some of those other dudes who think they are pop-stars, but not really. Like Ben Yelen who might be popular in some other country just not in the states. Of course, I don't know what it really takes to make you a pop-star in the states. Being stalked by Perez Hilton night and day, or getting pissed with the press and beating up a camera man or getting a restraining order from your girlfriend. There seems to be such little talent involved, lately. And yeah, I'm suppose to be amazed by how low they can keep their jeans and shake their bootie and grind someone on stage, that I suppose thats why I'd rather be at an indie concert, any day.
But for Landon. He's go talent. Nashville bred, well, some tunes had to be breathed into him somewhere. Don't you think? Aside from that he's got an expressive face, and it looks like modeling could pay off if the music doesn't stay in his blood(but you know it will). And besides he really looks good with Ellen.

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