Sunday, September 20, 2009

isn't she lovely

Emily Browning has gone legally blond. She was seen sporting the new blond look for her new film Sucker Punch that she's filming with Vanessa Hudgens.
Emily replaced, hot commodity these days, Amanda Seyfried as Babydoll. Its the story of a girl who has been hurt by her evil Step-father and is in an institution. It takes place in the 1950's.
What a transformation for Emily. It gives her such a new angelic warmth. Although, it might take some getting used too. She's great with that vibrant chestnut hair of hers.
I do envy her everyday look. Such character. Love the gray thigh highs. So comfy yet with a sense of cool natural vibe and quirkiness. She seems to be the type who loves to keep her originality about her with a fresh and whimsical touch. This is what new age goddesses should be seen in around town. Charming, practical and maybe even magical.

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