Wednesday, September 16, 2009

GRAND matt & kim

Oh, it has its own energy. You'll either hate it or love this CD.

On one hand you will think, well, it is just one long song to endure. On the other, each little ditty has its place.

It starts out so playful with daylight. And if you get into the beat you'll catch yourself wanting it to be the song you wake up to in the morning. The song to get you going for the day. It'll be part of the soundtrack of your life.

Also Good ol' fashion nightmare, might be familiar to you because its been in most of the Community promos on NBC. Its a quirky little number that's catchy yet soulful, like much of the CD.

Like so many bands these days, it a minimalist duo who have their act together. They are Brooklyn based, but I swear the first time I heard him I thought, this dude has to be Brit. Oh well, perhaps wishful thinking. The first song I've heard of theirs was Yea, Yeah and I was hooked from then on. They are genuine and so indie and really an adorable pair that can deliver a beat when it comes to their music.

This has to be my favorite CD of summer. Of course, I didn't get around to getting it until a week or so ago. Although, its one I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know. I can only wish them the best on their tour and many more melodies to find and create for us.

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