Monday, September 28, 2009

Whip it - the movie

Ellen & Landon show off singing talents. One of my favorite moments. I would have loved more of these moments.

I had the opportunity to see Whip it over the weekend. The long awaited debut of Drew Barrymore's first directed movie. Naturally, it has spunk. It has heart and really a hopeful movie.

Drew is even in it herself as Smashly Simpson.

Other stars that shined in this film.. most definitely were Ali Swakat from Arrested Developement (Do you remember Maybe?) She plays best friend Pash who gets A's so her parents will leave her alone. Then there is Julette Lewis as Iron Maven who is hell on wheels. She was perfect for the part. And you can't forget marvelous Zoe Bell as Bloody Mary.

This is a movie more that roller derby. Although there is a lot in it. I sometimes felt it dragged the movie a bit, but if you have the need to get your roller derby can get it in this movie.

Basically its about a girl finding her own independence even if its a bit unconventional between lying to her pagent seeking Mom (Marcia Gay Harden) and to the team and even Oliver(Landon Pigg..what an adorable smile). The movie isn't perfect. Neither is life. Neither is love with a beautiful guy or for the love of the game.

This is a movie about how we don't always see eye to eye with our parents. How we have the need to find our passion in life. And how some things may seem totally crazy, but maybe they aren't that crazy at all.

On the downside. Yes, the movie was a little long. But for the most part it was a warm movie about friendships, respect for ourselves and the ones who brought us into this world. Drew did good.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Colin Gray fan fiction

OK, so you might never want to watch another Diablo Cody film again due to the campy dialogue and Megan Fox, Jennifer's Body. But you can at least be happy that she graced us with Colin Gray played by Kyle Gallner. To bad he had to be the third victim. But what if he wasn't. What if he was there for Needy, after all. Just by chance, Jennifer didn't ask him to meet her that night because Needy told her to forget about him. Someone else was her victim, but he went anyway to witness the whole thing and somehow came out unscathed. Almost. Maybe he and Needy share a common bond now.

Check it out!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

isn't she lovely

Emily Browning has gone legally blond. She was seen sporting the new blond look for her new film Sucker Punch that she's filming with Vanessa Hudgens.
Emily replaced, hot commodity these days, Amanda Seyfried as Babydoll. Its the story of a girl who has been hurt by her evil Step-father and is in an institution. It takes place in the 1950's.
What a transformation for Emily. It gives her such a new angelic warmth. Although, it might take some getting used too. She's great with that vibrant chestnut hair of hers.
I do envy her everyday look. Such character. Love the gray thigh highs. So comfy yet with a sense of cool natural vibe and quirkiness. She seems to be the type who loves to keep her originality about her with a fresh and whimsical touch. This is what new age goddesses should be seen in around town. Charming, practical and maybe even magical.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

GRAND matt & kim

Oh, it has its own energy. You'll either hate it or love this CD.

On one hand you will think, well, it is just one long song to endure. On the other, each little ditty has its place.

It starts out so playful with daylight. And if you get into the beat you'll catch yourself wanting it to be the song you wake up to in the morning. The song to get you going for the day. It'll be part of the soundtrack of your life.

Also Good ol' fashion nightmare, might be familiar to you because its been in most of the Community promos on NBC. Its a quirky little number that's catchy yet soulful, like much of the CD.

Like so many bands these days, it a minimalist duo who have their act together. They are Brooklyn based, but I swear the first time I heard him I thought, this dude has to be Brit. Oh well, perhaps wishful thinking. The first song I've heard of theirs was Yea, Yeah and I was hooked from then on. They are genuine and so indie and really an adorable pair that can deliver a beat when it comes to their music.

This has to be my favorite CD of summer. Of course, I didn't get around to getting it until a week or so ago. Although, its one I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know. I can only wish them the best on their tour and many more melodies to find and create for us.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

whip it with Landon Pigg

Ok, when I found out that Landon Pigg was in Drew Berrymore & Ellen Page's WHIP IT, an indie rocker who goes roller derby, I just did the happy dance in my room for a few minutes between commericals of GLEE tonight. Yeah!
He's like the Ashton Kutcher of pop, you know. I don't know. He's so pretty. And he can sing. And I hope this'll open new doors for him.
Thank you Drew!
Honestly, I feel if he's in her movie it'll do so much more for him than lets say some of those other dudes who think they are pop-stars, but not really. Like Ben Yelen who might be popular in some other country just not in the states. Of course, I don't know what it really takes to make you a pop-star in the states. Being stalked by Perez Hilton night and day, or getting pissed with the press and beating up a camera man or getting a restraining order from your girlfriend. There seems to be such little talent involved, lately. And yeah, I'm suppose to be amazed by how low they can keep their jeans and shake their bootie and grind someone on stage, that I suppose thats why I'd rather be at an indie concert, any day.
But for Landon. He's go talent. Nashville bred, well, some tunes had to be breathed into him somewhere. Don't you think? Aside from that he's got an expressive face, and it looks like modeling could pay off if the music doesn't stay in his blood(but you know it will). And besides he really looks good with Ellen.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Elliot & Billy - Taking Woodstock fan fiction

*After taking in a great consideration of the movie, Taking Woodstock. Knowing it wasn't fiction, but wishing it was. It left me with the rift to wanting to write about Elliot and Billy. Billy, is back from the war, so he's got his problems. But maybe they aren't so bad. Its just, he's not who he used to be, and Elliot would love to be who he really is.
Elliot knew it was there. He did. He could feel it long before Billy made contact. He supposed. Well, something. He was after all Mr. Cool Dude even if he was suffering with these moments of his.
"I just thought, maybe I could be in one of your flashback moment, you know." Elliot had left it at that and Billy of course gave him a hard look as if he wasn't suppose to be soft. But he really was. Elliot sensed it.
Oh, sure, make it almost to the stage, and Billy has to tell Elliot a story about tipping cows and his long lost love.
"What was her name?"
"I can't remember, exactly." Again there was that fog of Billy's. Something that couldn't be trusted. It wasn't suppose to be trusted. Or so Billy gave him that look as they stood there taking in the scene. All those people. Humid from the rain. The stench of human sweat. Everywhere.
Finally, Billy lit up to share a smoke with Elliot.
"Actually, I don't-" Elliot pushed his hand out as if he wouldn't dare partake in such, yet, wasn't it just yesterday he'd gone on a rather long voyage of an acid trip.
"Aw, come on, what stays in Woodstock. Stays, you know." Billy grinned. Elliot kind of smiled and took the smoke as if he really did need to take the edge off. He needed not to think what was waiting for him at home. His parents and well, if all else failed there was that carpenter guy, right? He nodded about that. Man, the dude was giving him all the signals and shit. It would be the right thing. Right? He was on the fence about it. He really was into being a solo act for the most part. A bystander. Sort of like with Billy, watching him reenact his little scenes from the war. Really? Did he want to get involved with this dude? Seriously?
He looked over at Billy's bare sunburning skin, and wished he could. A moment maybe. Probably stupid. But just the same. He could think it would be, beautiful. But then again, there Billy went again how he could have a normal life if he hadn't gone over there and shit. But now it was different.
"I can't be who I used to be, you know." He sounded so sad. This shit they were smoking was making Elliot sad too.
Just then a flock of girls in cutoffs and mud for shirts passed by. He could see Billy taking off after them to relive high school perhaps, but he didn't. He breathed in the cigarette instead, giving Elliot a squinted look. He almost laughed then, but bit his bottom lip. Elliot couldn't help but stare.
In the midst of the mood and the crowd with the pouring laughter, Elliot felt Billy pull him in. He kissed him madly as if it was time to live. Live right now in Woodstock. His tongue touched his as if this was important for him to know.
"I love you, man," Billy said like some sort of joke. With each breath, Elliot sense he knew Billy more than he ever thought he would. The kisses kept coming. Elliot felt so much of Billy's body next to his. He didn't want it to stop.
The next thing he knew they were sliding down the mud into the mess down below. Laughing until it hurt. Elliot didn't want it end. They'd slid down together in each others arms. Then made their way up to the top of the hill, carrying each other along the way. Just to do it all over again.
He'd never been this close to anyone. It was so amazing. Elliot didn't care if he ever went home.
Before he knew it, Billy was carrying him on his back through the crowd. They looked like pigs of some kind. Happy to be with each other at Woodstock.
"This is just stupid shit," Billy had a good laugh. Was it over already. Elliot pleaded to God, inside his head, not for it to be over. Just yet.
"We need a shower." To bad the lake wasn't nearby so they could jump in. Damn, if this was a bad time.
"If found one, would you let me fuck you?" Billy wanted to know. Elliot's eyes lit. He got off Billy's back and looked him in the face then. Elliot let a smile slip.
"Are you fuck'n high?" Elliot knew he shouldn't believe him.
"Possibly," Billy looked slightly dizzy but that was the usual. "Maybe not." His muddy hands touched his face.
"You shouldn't talk shit like that," Elliot said. "You know you couldn't possibly mean it."
"But I do." He sounded so certain. "I want to be alone with you."
Elliot let his grin slip again. "Really?"
Billy nodded. He looked at the sea of people around him. How in the fuck were they ever going to get out of here?