Sunday, June 7, 2009

oh, how could they

It seems I might be in a bit of a fit with some Hollyoaks' fans after I found I was linked about a "spoiler" on the show. When in fact I was just introducing a new character on The other side of Hollyoaks. Sorry, he's not coming to the show HOLLYOAKS on Channel 4. Oh, how I wish.

His name is Alfie who befriends Ian after his one off that didn't end so well with Maxie.

When I saw Nolan Gerad Funk's picture, immediately, I thought, he's so Newt from Hollyoaks. To bad Nico who plays Newt can't sport his real hair. It is rather sweet. Other trivia-on Spectacular Nolan's name was Nikko.

Its hard to say how the show really panned out with the critics. But with that cool Rocker look, surely it will help Canadian Funk's career. He's in his early twenties so lets hope he's the new IT GUY soon.

Anyway, do you see the resemblance?

It did inspire me to want to write about Newt and Alfie.

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