Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sex & Breakfast

Not sure what I was expecting. But it wasn't this. It was a little film with perhaps a bitter heart. It has to be one of the worst this past year in film. Which is so sad.

You've got a great cast. I mean, you just don't see Maculay Culkin in just anything. And you've got bilingual actor Kuno Becker along with Eliza Dushku and Alexis Dziena as the foursome who don't exactly make it work in a sex group in the most clinical conditions.

Perhaps it was the build up that was slow as constipation. We really see nothing about who they really are. You don't know what they do. No one has any quirks. Nothing. Its just they are unsatified. Out of all, Eliza comes off as the most unsatisfied. Its as if she hated every love scene she was in.

Of course, as a whole you can see as American one is exactly comfortable in that situation. Unlike in Love Songs where you have a threesome which I'll have to admit I thought would be more exciting, I suppose than what it was, but at least it was a bit more playful. Perhaps really, what they are telling you, "Don't do it. Its not as great as you think it is....." or "you'll have to watch porn if you want the real thing..."

But in this film as modern romance bounces back to the public again and the fact.."we need counceling if you're not having an orgasm." That is if you are a real rational person. Of course, from an Americana perspective, we're a pretty much fucked up bunch in our dysfunctional lives- thats when you need Mickey Rourke to the rescue...which you will not find in this film.

Culkin is at his best when ruthless as he was in the Party Animal. You don't know how many times in this movie I was hoping Mac would kiss Kuno in the restroom where they met twice. Now that might have been a movie worth watching. The soundtrack is worth listening too, especially Lightening Rod from Guster and Leaves in the River (a movie should be made just from that song alone) by Sea Wolf..amazing..just wish the movie had been.

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