Monday, April 13, 2009

Observe & Report

Can it get anymore controversial? You've got Hollywood going after him for racism and Is Rape funny now? All because of this movie that some say is a remake of the Paul Blart film..Mall Cop. Which it isn't.

This might be Seth's Punch Drunk Love performance. Remember when Adam Sandler came out with that? Not his funny stuff. And as a comedic actor, Seth can act and throw a punch too.

Its a story about a bi-polar male that some may start to wonder, how did he ever get that job in the first place. After all, he's on his meds faithfully. Granted, he's no lady's man.

Of course, the mall is his turf. His world and then a flasher invades it. BEWARE FULL FRONTAL. He makes a stand. Except. The real cop takes over.

Naturally, we can see how Anna Farris' Brandy can stir some controversy. Some may be put off with her bimbo actions. Well, skank. Completely. And was it or wasn't it rape in the bedroom scene? Vomit is involved, yet a very far cry from the brutal scene that is the essence of Last house on the left. Give or take the question of rape in that Rogen/Farris scene. Was it funny? No, yet it did go to show how dysfunctional the average Joe&Jane are when it comes to sex. Must they be completely drunk to do it? A sad sort in fact.

Then there is the whole Fuck You scene between Rogen and the guy name Saddam. He fingers him to be the guy stealing at the mall. Oh well, I won't spoil it for you, but then you have to remember the main dude in this picture isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. However, he can shoot a gun, and he is pumped.

This really is a movie of a man finding justice. Fighting possibly like a loon, but still its definitely one of Rogen most ground break roles. You've never seen him quite like this. Also the girl, Collette Wolfe who plays Nell is so refreshing. She's just a touch of Amy Adams that is the most redeeming quality of this film. Hopefully, she'll be the next IT GIRL.

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