Monday, April 27, 2009


An indie film made in 2003 just might be on your cult favorites list before you know it.

So what does this film have going for it other than Hillary Swank with big braces and as a clerk who will not lose her job? Throw in Ben Foster's intense performance as the dude who's accident from peeing out of a window in a moving van leads to quite a distress, and you wonder just where is this film going.

You've got some amazing film shot and story telling. Since the story is broken up leading up to the "crash" that happens at 11:14.

True you have to wonder how low can they go with white trash Americana. Still there is a flavor that flows through the film of actual realism. Patrick Swayze's performance is worthy as well as the father who gets in a complicated situation with his dog who is no help.

I won't say its the best film I've ever seen, but its a gem of some sort in the rough with some gritty yet true performances.

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