Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh yes you can Cann

2 of my favorite reads by Kate Cann. They make me think of summer and let me take a bit of a vacation anywhere with her British bit of humor. Which, I don't even think she lives in the UK so I might be far off from just what sort of humor it really is, but it does show.
Too bad she doesn't get the attention as that Meg and all her series. I suppose its not Gossip Girl nor the Clique, but about real girls with real problems of coming of age. Boys. Even some of her characters wonder if they'd be better off as a lesbian some of the time too.
Cann's fame was probably the Ready, Set, Go series that came out a few years ago. Even libraries practically banned the book. It was about a girl who met a poor little rich boy and what became of them once they hooked up.
Seriously, though, there is more to Cann than just shopping and see who can have the most stuff. Really, her writing is about rezealence, and coping with what life hands you, instead. She's really remarkable in that sense and oh so readable. There is another series of hers I'd love to get my hands on, but as it is, can't find that much of her books anymore, and I don't see her publishing much new stuff. At least, not here in the states. Instead, places like Wal-mart have reissued some of her books under more generic names. If only they knew what were in them. Tee hee...

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