Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lets go scrappy

OK, so there is this industry out there. Even Martha is in on it at Michael's. Just don't let that make you think it can't be done. Yes, scrapbooks are to be loved.
Granted, I don't spend a fortune on it. This here is actually a scrap book from OLD NAVY. And that's a picture of my Dad's sunflower I took when I was about eleven or so that my Mom actually made a copy off to send her lifer penpal in prison who sent it back to her. & well, look where it ended up.
My scrapbook.
So yeah, put a little bit of history of you in your very own book. It doesn't have to come from the store. All sorts of way of putting in some fun. Drawings. Hilarious! pics of you pasted with your favorite TV crush. Oh, it can be as silly as you want.
Scrapbooking should be a stress reliever not a burden. Its for you. You know. So you dress it up anyway you want. Don't feel the pressure for absolute perfection. Naturally, you could even give them for gifts. Always great to put recipes in, play lists & other remember whens. Just go for it. & smile.

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