Saturday, January 5, 2008

rhys rhys rhys

Andrew Moss' character just gets better and better on Hollyoaks. Ok, so for awhile he's been the bloke from the pub who loves women yet is scared to death of a relationship.

There have been so many funny moments of the fixes he gets himself with one night stands. Especially, Molly, who was perhaps the best sex ever and yet he couldn't remember what she looked like and then when she did find him, he just about lost it. Even worse was that she made a move on Gilly and of course, he had to save him.

At times, you're thinking it should be the Rhys & Gilly show. They do make quite a pair.

Most recently, there has been Beth. And maybe that is true love. Or maybe he's in love with his half sister. Yet there is still wonderful Sara to fall back on.
You keep hoping it'll work. But she knows something is up with Rhys. He's not being his true self around her. Maybe she knows him too well. Perhaps they are the typical village couple.
It must be hard to trust the womanizing Rhys. On the upside of Andrew Moss, it must be a blast playing this misunderstood bloke. Sometimes, he comes off as Mr. happy go lucky and yet other times he can be practically a monster.
Hopefully, with these kind of scenes he'll ge a break somewhere down the line like James MacAvoy who started out in Shameless.
Wonder if Andrew Moss would ever marry someone in real-life from Hollyoakes?

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