Saturday, January 19, 2008

Oh that, Brittish Andy

Just can't help myself sometime. You just know Andrew Moss has got to get some offers here in the states. He's so good with making you laugh, making you mad, making you cry.

And Rhys' storyline with Beth is making him probably the main character now on Hollyoaks. Well, at least they give him a week or two then switch to some other storyline.

Sounds like he'll be getting mixed up with who knows who on Hollyoaks this year.

Yeah, he's the one to watch for. Sometimes, I feel I devote this whole blog to Andrew Moss. But he's so good at what he does on this Brittish soap. I can only hope he'll be the next James MacVoy.

You can tell he enjoys what he does. He loves his fans. And he seems to be mates with everyone on Hollyoaks. Wishing this actor lots of acting in the future. Hopefully, movies.

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