Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday night TV

What can I say? I'm smitten with Nicholas D'Agosto who plays Claire's new boyfriend "West" on Heroes. He's perfect for the part.

And he's from around here. Well, was, at one time. And he's 27. Which he looks pretty much 17 in this role. I like them together. Hope they like working together.

Maybe this is the year Sylar will fall in love with the misunderstood hispanic girl who has uncontrolable powers. I really like the idea that Sylar has a virus and no power now. And I think the guy from the Nebraska Lottery Scratch commerical was on tonight. Maybe. T.W. Leshner who was the white guy helping the couple in Mexico until Sylar came along.

It was a really cool episode tonight. But as always this show leave you in a cliffhanger.

I watched Christina Applegate's "Samantha Who" a bit a go because we recorded it. There were some funny parts with I wasn't expecting.

A really fun premise about a woman who loses her memory..but isn't sure she wants to be that girl everyone knows since she finds out her boyfriend had just broke up with her before she was hit by a car, and the Renee who she thought was a girlfriend is actually her lover, a married man.

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