Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hal Ozsan

I watched Hal Ozsan last night on Fallen. He's the best character on the show as the avenging angel, Azazel . He's funny, serious and the real deal when it comes to acting. He's a scene stealer.

He sings too. Just not on Fallen. You can catch his Poets & Pornstars online. He's got fans everywhere. He's definitely the one to watch.

Not sure if Fallen will be in the ABC Family Fall line up, but it should be. Its as ever good as Angel (and this show is about fallen Angels when in fact Angel was about a vampire & the writer of this series use to write for the Angel paperback series - Thomas E. Sniegoskie) . Anyway, hopefully Fallen will continue. Its more than just a 4 parter.

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