Thursday, August 2, 2007


Guess what I watched tonight. Kind of by accident. I had always wanted to watch it, but then figured I never would since its NC-17.

Always like Michael Pitt in whatever he's in. I had no idea I'd like the French guy so much though. He was really good. He makes me think of J.F.K jr., a little.

It was really a strange movie. Definitely, the brother sister relationship, even if they kept insisting they were twins connected by their brain. Lots of energy, though. The shots of the long thin hallways were so vibrant and were so many things in the movie. Who knew cinema in 1968 was so important in France?

Louis Garrel is the one to watch. Now I want to see more of his films, but they're all in French.

Very strange ending though. It was like they were avoiding the future.

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