Monday, July 30, 2007

Guy Burnet aka Craig Dean

Ok, so he's a cutie, but you're gonna have to go on lots of gay sites to find any pics of him. And the pics on Hollyoaks site just don't do him justice. He's an actor best caught in motion, not in still life.
Lets say John Paul & Craig from Hollyoaks has really been a ground breaker when it comes to romance. Although, I think what works is that you understand these characters. And although, Guy's Craig spends most of the time brooding on screen, still you can't help but feel something for at least Craig and what he's going through.
God, he's got great teeth. And many other assets I must admit. He's totally mesmerizing in his scenes. He leaves soon from Hollyoaks. I hope Burnet gets a chance to be in some American movies. I know, that's asking for a lot.

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