Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I can't get to Diaryland. Not sure what the problem is, but I could get here. I'm not babysitting today. But I'm doing housework. Cleaning out the basement. Lucky me. I'm tired already. Still tons to do. We really need to just take stuff to the landfill. Jonah's Mom needs to get rid of so much junk. I don't know why she hangs on to it so long. Ridiculous. And it takes her forever to decide on anything. Why is she like this.

Then there is the whole Jessie thing on my mind. I think I hate him. I wonder if I'd feel the same way if I saw him. A part of me just wants to kick his ass. But I have to wonder if I'd be all smiles if I saw him. I hope not.

Well, better go. We're going to go through craft stuff and see what needs to be thrown away.

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