Monday, July 2, 2007

The Click Five

The bands back with a new lead singer, Kyle Patrick. Eric Dill decided to go solo so when you pick up their latest, you'll notice the defining voice of 21 year old Kyle Patrick from Boston.
"modern minds & past times" has a much more mature sounds this time around thanks to Kyle Patrick. The opening track is quite catchy. "Jenny" seems to be the first single from the new cd to hit the radio. While many of the songs are 'after the break up' fare, this cd still holds some strong melodies and solid song writing skills.
Some may think the new cd is trying to hard, but really it has some very unique sounds to it.
The band really looked to their fan base to help them find the right lead singer which lead them where they are from. Hopefully, this is just a new chapter for the band and a lot of musical talent is ahead of them.

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