Sunday, June 3, 2007

where the wind blows

I'm feeling a little blue. I had meant to let something on TV take me away, but it didn't. Nothing good on, actually. I did have a long talk with someone I haven't seen since school got out. Leahia told me all about Worlds of Fun and going shopping and what not. My ear hurt from being stuck to the phone. We talked about guys at school. Stupid stuff. But I didn't have the nerve to mention Kenny, and I know I should have.

Then I found out from Jonah about Sam. He did go out with some girl where they work. It was a bit of a blow, although, I expected it. Now I don't think I can be around him at all.

I feel bad that I didn't tell Leahia all about Kenny. I would have. I was going to, but she kept talking about how great her summer has been, and she got this guy's phone number who she met at Worlds of Fun who she doubts she'll ever see again, but maybe. Her plan, how they can get together. But she only met him in line for some water ride, and I don't think she's even called him. So after listening to that, it was kind of hard to jump right in with, Guess what?

Sometimes, I think I just go where ever the wind takes me. She did ask about Josh. I don't even want to hear his name.

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