Thursday, June 14, 2007

ricky palomino

Oh my God, how could they let him go on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE?
He's so cute. And he can dance. Definitely dance. Really I think this year they have better dancers that the past two seasons.
Yeah, I had to watch it tonight.
See, we'd been watching this bollywood movie that Jonah's Mom got for a film. I think it could have lasted 3 hours. But we didn't have the subtitles on so I was lost. What I do know, have a cool dance number and everyone is happy will soon be followed by something bad happening. Actually, I just like watching the musical parts.
Anyway, by 8 I tuned in to see the show and didn't realise the big dance numbers were last night.
Jonah wanted to watch LAST COMIC STANDING last night. Actually, they weren't that funny. But we watched. Sort of. I know now I've lost interested in that show. But cutest has already left "So you think you can dance". I hear he sings too and has a cd out. You can find out more about Ricky here.

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