Sunday, June 10, 2007

the invisible

Ok, its not like I'm exactly cheating, but I went to the movie with Sam. Yeap, we saw "The Invisible" with Justin Cheatwin (I think). Um, I have mixed feelings about the film. It does make you think, but it got a little on the sappy side in places. And "annie" in the movie was so mean. I was thinking it would have been different. You know, like she was this goth chick in her own world and she's the only one to hear that he "was still alive". But as it was she was this evil bitch who had put the main character in the predicument he was in. It was strange. Then the projector went down, 3 times. Can you believe that?

Actually, I can't believe I went out with Sam. I wasn't planning on it. Just this last minute thing.

And if I didn't think the movie was psychic enough, well, he's a little psychic too.

He thinks his brother's girlfriend is pregnant. And do you want to know why? His brother is getting fat. "That means something. I know it does...." He's really obessing on it badly. I just listened. He'd mention this before, but I didn't really believe him. He really believes it.

Its not that he's freaking me out or anything, but its just strange. He wants me to keep seeing Kenny...with this ominous last words, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do..."


He gets to me sometime. Like maybe he doesn't want me seeing anyone but him, but then its like, "You should date more..."

I don't know what to think of him.

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